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Thank you for choosing a Rouse community!

Please fill out this online application, and we’ll inform you if you qualify for residency as soon as possible.
Our verification process is thorough, yet timely, and applicants usually hear back within 24 hours.

We look forward to welcoming you home soon.

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If you’re applying for a community listed below, please use these specific links to apply.

College Park and Springbrook Row Application | Renee Row & Twins Application | Clybourn Place Application

For all other apartment communities, please use the following application.

Please click on Our Community Directory for contact information.

Please review the following information regarding our application policies and qualifying process.

Application Policies

  1. Each adult 18 years and older who is applying for an apartment will need to fill out a separate application.
  2. Please make sure to fill out all information accurately and completely. If information is falsified it may be grounds for denial of your application.
  3. We do ask for your social security number. You are not required to give us this information and your application may not be denied because you decide not to provide it.
  4. There is no application or credit check fee.
  5. Please contact the apartment community you are applying for to learn about possible community specific policies.

Qualification Process

  1. Credit Check
  2. Housing History Verification
  3. Employment/Income Verification
  4. Background Check